Jacob’s Journey 1st quick tip for traveling life’s pathway


1. Direction in life is created by positive and negative situations

‘Jacob left Beersheba and set out for Harran’ Gen. 28: v 10

Jacob’s life is found in his journeys. Read the Bible and you will see that Jacob was always going places. Scripture records that he left his home in Beersheba and traveled to Bethel 28.10-22. Later he went to Shecam 33.18-20. Then he returned to Bethel again. Then off Jacob went to Hebron 35.27. He spent many years of his life on the road. As he journeyed Jacob would encounter trials, temptations as well as receive revelations from God. So, Jacobs’s journeys changed him spiritually. Likewise, the Christian life is a pilgrimage of trials, blessings, revelations, discipline and encouragement from God. The question is do you see yourself on a journey?

Why did Jacob travel to Harran?

First, Jacob set out for Harran in obedience to his father Isaac’s request, to, seek a wife Genesis 28: 2.

A most exciting adventure. A quest for romance. After setting out for Harran Jacob’s mission was rewarded. He found Racheal the woman of his dreams and she became his true love Genesis 29:19-20.

Love, hope, dreams, inspiration, and great adventures are some of the positive things which motivate us to make decisions, choices and pursue many paths through life. Do you have a positive motivating drive? If not you need to find one very quickly.

On the other-hand, the negative circumstances we encounter also drive us into paths we wouldn’t otherwise travel. The second reason Jacob took his journey was because he cheated his brother Esau out of the family inheritance. Esau wanted to kill him as an act of revenge. And Jacob had no choice but to leave home.

Domestic violence is nothing new in whatever form it takes. Housing support or social workers were not available in those days. But Jacob had a wise mother named Rebekah. She advised Jacob to get out of the house(tent) and escape Esau’s wrath. Genesis 27:43 Hosea 12:12
It was the last time mother, and son would be together. There’s no record of Jacob ever returning while Rebekah was alive. The reconciliation with Esau came after the mum’s death. Better late than never.

What problems, dangers and threats are motivating you presently? Identify them and learn from them. Understand they are compelling you into a direction that you wouldn’t otherwise travel. Nevertheless, God is still guiding and will lead you into greener pastures and better places.

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