4 things to know about everything Jesus created

The largest mammal on earth is the blue whale. Just the fins on its tail are bigger than most animals on earth. But a blue whale isn’t anywhere near as big as a mountain. If you put one hundred blue whales in a huge jar, you could put millions of whale jars inside a hollowed-out Mount Everest.

 But Mount Everest isn’t anywhere near as big as the earth. If you stacked one hundred Mount Everest’s on top of one another, it would be just a whisker on the face of the earth.

 However, the earth isn’t anywhere near as big as the sun. You could fit one million earths inside of the sun. But the sun, which is a medium-size star, isn’t anywhere near as big as a red supergiant star called Antares. Fifty million of our suns could fit inside of Antares. But Antares isn’t anywhere near as big as the Milky Way galaxy.

 Billions of stars, including supergiants like Antares, as well as countless comets and asteroids, make up the Milky Way galaxy. But the Milky Way galaxy isn’t anywhere near as big as the universe. There are billions of other galaxies in the universe. And yet, filled with billions of galaxies, the universe is almost totally empty. The distances from one galaxy to another are beyond our imagination.

 How did our vast star system and immense space dimension appear? The Bible says it was created by one man, Jesus Christ.  

The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.  He is before all things, and in him all things hold together’ 

Colossians 1:16-17.

Here are four noteworthy observations about our Lord’s creation. 

  1. Jesus created everything from nothing.

 What tools or materials would Jesus use to build a universe? None.  

Mankind needs something to create anything. An artist who paints an impressive oil picture, will use paints, brushes and canvas to craft his masterpiece. The artist is dependent on certain tools and materials to do his job. A baker makes a loaf of bread. To do so he’ll use substances like ground serial, wheat, flower and water. The baker’s dependent on certain ingredients like soft dough and an oven to do the baking. But God doesn’t need tools, materials or ingredients to create anything.

 Jesus didn’t need grapes or an alcohol distillery to turn water into wine. Neither did Jesus require a heavy goods vehicle to deliver several tons of bread and fish to feed 5000 people. Man needs tools and materials to create, but not the Lord. God is able to create with absolute freedom. 

 This is what the word ‘created’ in Genesis 1:1 implies. The Hebrew word BARA itself doesn’t mean to create out of nothing. But it’s never followed by an accusative of materials used. Meaning? God creates with absolute freedom.

 Theoretically Mankind can reshape the physical universe. But to do so we’d have to use nanotechnology and atoms.

 The atom is the smallest amount of substance which can take part in a chemical reaction. At onetime atoms were thought to be the un-split-able-building blocks of the universe. But Earnest Rutherford smashed atoms of nitrogen in 1919 and proved otherwise. Atoms are so tiny they couldn’t be observed even with a microscope.

 This changed in 1981 with the invention of the scanning tunnelling telescope. This new technology not only gave us the ability to see atoms but also photograph them. We’ve learned since, atoms are not the solid indivisible balls as once thought. Rather they are more like clouds of energy mostly consisting of empty spaces, with even tinier subatomic particles. Scientists say if we were able to look inside the atom we’d probably see nothing. The space inside the atom is exactly that. Empty. It’s no surprise that ‘nothing’ is inside the atom. Most probably a tangible clue that God created everything out of nothing.

 What do you have in life? Nothing? That’s’ all God needs to work in your circumstances. Nothing! No money? No social life? No purpose? No health? No confidence? No chance? No hope? Jesus is able to take your nothing and create something awesomely special.

  1. Jesus created everything to perfection

 It’s a fact that, the earth rotates on its axis at approximately 1000 miles per hour. If that were only 100 miles an hour, our days and nights would be ten times longer, and our planet would alternately burn and freeze. Under such circumstances vegetation couldn’t live.

 If the earth were as small as the moon, the power of gravity would be too weak to retain sufficient atmosphere for man’s needs; but if it were as large as Jupiter, Saturn or Uranus extreme gravitation would make human movement almost impossible.

 If we were as near the sun like Venus the heat would be unbearable; if we were as far away as Mars, we would experience snow and ice every night even in the warmest regions. If the oceans were half their present dimensions, we’d receive only one fourth of the rainfall we do now. If they were one eighth larger, our annual precipitation would increase fourfold, and earth would become a vast uninhabitable swamp.

 Water solidifies at 32 degrees above zero Fahrenheit. It would be disastrous if the oceans froze at that temperature, however for then the amount of thawing in the polar regions would not balance out, and ice would accumulate through out the centuries! To prevent such a catastrophe the Lord put salt in the sea to alter its freezing point.  

There’s an undeniable exactness and deliberate accuracy in God’s creation. This not only indicates His incredible almighty skills, but it also shows how God cares for all He’s made. God wants His creation to function properly and He has created everything to work effectively. God clearly intends that His creation to be enjoyed for all its benefits.

3. Jesus created everything including you   

Biologically the human race multiplies itself and we have fathers and mothers. But as a species we are derived, not self-existent.

Next time you look into a mirror, reflect carefully as to what you see. You, developed remarkably as a baby in your mother’s womb. But you were designed somewhere else. That initial design becomes evident in a speck of watery material smaller than a dot on the letter i’. All your future characteristics were pre-programmed inside that minute dot to manifest at conception. The colour of your skin, eyes and hair were determined. The shape of your facial features, the natural abilities that you would have, all that you would be physically and mentally was packaged in an embryonic dot.

And from that microscopic dot developed 60 trillion cells, 100 thousand miles of nerve fiber, 60 thousand miles of vessels carrying blood around your body, 250 bones, to say nothing of your joints and muscles.

Consider the design of your ears

Your ears are still growing, even though the other parts of your body have stopped.

It has been suggested if you lived to be 1,000 years old your ears would be as large as an elephant. There must have been some big eared people in the Bible then, because Bible characters lived to a good age in the initial stages of the fall. Putting that aside what about…..

Your hair?

The hair on your head is as strong as aluminium metal. A narrow stretch of rope woven from human hair has supported the weight of a small car.

Your skull?

Your skull is as strong as steel though proportionally it weighs only one fifth as much.

Your teeth?

The hardest part of your body is the enamel on your teeth. It is even harder than ivory.

Your hands?

Your hands are probably the most complex instruments capable of performing thousands of jobs with precision. Just to grasp something uses many muscles joints and tendons. From the shoulders to the finger tips. Taking a spoonful of soup, for instance, involves more than 30 joints and 50 muscles.

Your feet?

During an average day, your feet take a sledgehammer pounding equivalent to more than 1,000 tonnes. They can support the weight of a 90kg man. This is achieved by an astonishing arrangement of bones and joints, for a quarter of your bones are in your feet.

Your eyes?

You blink twenty-five times every minute.  Each blink takes you about one-fifth of a second.  Therefore, if you take a ten-hour car journey, averaging forty miles per hour, you will drive twenty miles with your eyes closed.

Your heart?

The human heart beats about 1000,000 times a day and about 40 million times a year. Normally it beats 70 times to the minute, but it often changes its rate to keep pace with music or the rapid beat of drums. It can be made to pulse to almost any rhythm and automatically picks up the beat.

You may not have noticed, but apparently you are a little lopsided. Usually the left leg is a little smaller than the right. One arm is longer, one ear is bigger and there is likely to be more hair on one side of the head than another. With the psalmist we can look at our reflection in the mirror and say,

I am fearfully and wonderfully made’ Psalm 139. 13

But there is also a part to you which you cannot see. And the one who made the outside also created the inside.

  1. Jesus created the none physical part inside every person

for you created my inmost being’ Psalm 139:13a

God is uncreated. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the ‘Self- Existent-One’. Apart from the Virgin Birth Jesus has an un-derived existence.

‘Before Abraham was I am’ said Jesus John 8:58.

‘I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end’ said Jesus. Revelation 1:8 Revelation 21:6 Revelation 22:13

This is not something to be understood. It’s only to be accepted by someone who believes in Jesus according to the Scriptures. Whether I accept this biblical revelation or not is irrelevant. God doesn’t need my permission to be great. You can be an atheist or agnostic or religious person. It doesn’t matter. God is still free to be awesome whatever our status, beliefs or opinions. He is the ‘Self-Existent-One’ un-derived inside and outside of His person. Un-derived inside and outside of His Being and Spirit. However, unlike God we don’t have existence in ourselves.

With the psalmist we can say again, ‘for you created my inmost being’ Psalm 139:13a

This inner creation means that you’re more than a brain on legs. There’s a side to humans which cannot be preserved in the flesh. You can pickle a person’s brain and put it in a jar, but you can’t preserve a person’s none-physical mind like that.

You can freeze embryos, but you can’t freeze a living soul into a block of ice and keep it. You can’t put a person’s thoughts or intellect into a fridge or keep memories like ice cubes. A person has a conscience, a free will and an emotional nature. The physical brain controls the movements and responses of a person’s body. But the immaterial mind is able to make valid judgments and reason and reflect. The human mind is a living soul. It cannot be weighed by machines or measured by equipment.

Some think the mind resides in the brain. Maybe it does. But then again there’s no evidence to suggest that the soul wholly resides in the brain.

The soul may reside in the whole of the body. Not like a ghost inside a machine. But more like a sugar cube in a cup of tea. Drop a lump of sugar into a hot drink. Stir the contents. Which part of the tea is the sugar in? I think it’s everywhere inside the drink. There’s a state of equilibrium. Likewise, the soul too may be everywhere inside the body in a state of equilibrium. We don’t know because we can’t see it. Is this why amputees sense pain? Their nerves give the impression that their severed limbs are still attached? The immaterial soul is not dissected with the body or discarded with the flesh. But of course, the equilibrium sugar cube illustration is inadequate to describe an ethereal vessel. It’s impossible to explain spirit in tangible forms.

This is where science is limited. Thank God for inventors, scientific advances and medical doctors. They have saved countless lives, including mine. I’m very grateful for the emergency stent inserted into my heart when I had a cardiac arrest. I wouldn’t be here now writing if it had not been for medical skills and pioneering inventions. But in the end my stent will be picked out of the ashes. In the end the funeral director will processes your remains extracting surgical pins, titanium limbs, stents and other none-burnable debris in the crematorium.

Not even science can help us when we are turned into ashes because science is not all powerful. Science cannot explain the luck we have or the love we feel.

The human soul is a mystery but it’s not a myth and

truly my soul finds rest in God; my hope comes from him’ Psalm 62:1


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