Jacob’s journey ‘THE OPEN PATHWAY’ 3rd quick tip for life’s travels.

The Strait of Gibraltar is bordered by two continents, Africa and Europe. It’s the only place where water from the Atlantic Ocean mixes with water from the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient geographer and historian Estrabon, says that the Pillars of Hercules were present at this narrow channel crossing. The monument is said to have displayed three Latin words ‘NE’, ‘PLUS’, ‘ULTRA’. Translation? “No More Beyond”

The sign marked the final boundary for Mediterranean sailors. A warning advising mariners not to go any further because there’s ‘nothing more beyond’

The Western horizon was thought to have contained nothing new. But in the 15th Century, explorer Christopher Columbus set sail and ventured out into uncharted waters. He’d determined to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia. It was then he accidentally stumbled upon the Americas.  Columbus discovered a whole new world beyond Spain. He discovered new lands which were thought not to exist.

Have you discovered your new world? Do you realise there exists a Kingdom besides the universe in which we live? There’s a celestial place which though not first apparent to the human eye, is still very real. And it’s a place in which Jesus Christ wants you to enter.

Our Bible character Jacob, discovered this directly. Jacob found out that there’s a whole new realm beyond the world in which he was living. One night, he lay down his head and went to sleep. In a dream Jacob

‘saw a stairway resting on earth, with its top reaching to heaven, the angels of God were ascending a descending’ Genesis 28:12

Jacob discovered a place beyond the boundaries of this old earth. The ladder reaching from earth to heaven showed that there’s an open pathway of communication between God and man.

Jesus Christ is that open path way between God and man. Jesus said,

‘I am the way the truth and the life’ John 14.6. Jesus doesn’t merely tell us the way or show us the way or lead the way. Rather, Jesus is the way.

Christ is the way from God to man. All divine blessings come down from the Father to the Son. Mathew 11.27,28. But Jesus is not only the way from God to man.

Jesus is also the way from man to God.

‘The teaching of the New Testament is that now, at this very moment, there is a man in heaven appearing in the presence of God for us. He is as certainly a man as was Adam or Moses or Paul {the apostle}. Jesus is a man glorified, but His glorification did not dehumanize Him. Today He is a real man, of the race of mankind, bearing our lineaments and dimensions, a visible and audible man whom any other man would recognize instantly as one of us’.

A W Tozer,

Jesus carries our human nature, redeemed and perfected strait into the presence of God. Acts 1:1-2. Acts 7:55-56. Mathew 26:63-63. John 3:13.

Christ is an open pathway between man and God. The open pathway in Jacob’s dream is interesting. The NIV Bible footnote suggests that the angels of God were ascending and descending on the ladder in very close proximity. So near in fact it translates,

the angels of God were there beside him’. Is not Jesus the open pathway constantly beside us? Jesus is not an open pathway which is abstract, far off or out of reach.

‘I am with you always’, said Jesus Mathew 28:20

God’s presence might be illustrated from the working practices of a medical professional named John Rosen. Doctor Rosen was a psychiatrist in New York. He was known for his work with schizophrenics.

Usually doctors who treat mentally ill patients remain separate from them. They keep their relationship professional. They care for their clients, but they keep a ‘professional distance’.

But Dr. Rosen had a different approach. He moved into the hospital ward with his patients. The doctor placed his bed among their beds. He chose to live the life they must live. Day to day, he shares their experiences. He loves them. If they don’t talk, the doctor doesn’t talk either. It’s as if he understands what’s happening. The doctor’s presence with them communicates something that they haven’t experienced in years. Somebody understands.

But then the Dr does something else. He puts his arms around them and hugs them. The Dr Holds these unattractive, incontinent smelly people and he loves them back into life. Often, the first thing patients’ say when they recover is simply, “Thank you.”

Just like that psychiatrist who moved into the hospital ward with his patients, God’s Son Jesus moved into our world. Christ left heaven and moved into a town called Bethlehem. His very bed was placed in a manger was it not? From there onwards Jesus lived the life we must live. From day to day God’s Son shared in all our human experiences. He even shared in our death experience by dying on a cross. Jesus understands what’s happening. He loves us. He came to give us all ‘one big divine hug’ from God.

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whosoever should believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life’ John 3:16.

God wants to embrace us through a personal relationship with Christ. He’s the open pathway to heaven. He’s the open pathway to forgiveness of sins. He’s the open pathway to eternal life. He’s the open pathway to joy and peace. It’s critical that you find this ‘open pathway’ for yourself. If you fail to find this open pathway before you die you cannot go any further. Your life journey will end sorrowfully. As Jesus mentioned in the parable of Lazarus regarding the deep fissure between heaven and hell.

Between us and you a great chasm has been set in place, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us’

Luke 16:26

You need to find ‘the open pathway’ by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Follow the link if you want to do this and become a Christian http://bibleblogger.online/three-steps-to-becoming-a-christian/

If you succeed in finding Christ ‘the open pathway’ you’ll have the very same promise of Jacob. God said to Jacob ‘I will be with you’ Genesis 31:3

God will move into your heart and baptize you with the Holy Spirit. When you pray God will move into your circumstances. When you hurt God move into your pain. When you read the Bible, God will move into all your hopes and fears. God never stops moving His love, peace and power into our lives.

Here are 7 Bible verses relating to God’s presence and the fact that ‘The living God is among you’ Joshua 3:10

  1. God is with us, His people, Exodus 33:14, Joshua 3:10
  2. Jesus is with us, His disciples Mathew 28:20
  3. God is with us in our hearts Ephesians 3:17
  4. God is with us in our trials Isiah 43:2
  5. God is with us in all things Romans 8:35-38
  6. God is with us forever ‘Never will I leave you or forsake you’ Hebrews 13:5
  7. God’s presence will secure maximum joy and infinite pleasures for everyone who trusts in Him. Psalm 16:11

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