Prayer is possible,profitable and powerful

‘About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them’  ACTS 16:25Men-praying.jpg

Prayer is possible at all times

1 In time of prosperity 1 Kings    8:22; Acts 10:1

2 In time of adversity James 5:13

3 In times of danger Luke 22 :42 Mathew 14:28-33

4 In time of dense darkness Jonah 2:1 Luke 23:42

Profitable at all times

1. It puts us into contact with God Dan 9:23

2 It acquaints God with what we need Phil 4. 4-7

3 It makes it possible for God to help us 1 Kings 18. 36-39 Acts 4:31

4 True prayer is always crowned with success John 14:13 James 1:5-6

Prayer is powerful at all times

1 It starts God’s machinery Dan 10:10-21

2 It makes satan tremble Eph 6.10-20 James 4:7

3 It frees man from sin Luke 22:40

4 It enables God to move foundations Matt 17:19-21


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