WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT GOOD FRIDAY? The dummies guide to the blood of Christ.


‘The blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin’. 1 John 1:7th-1

A woman picked up a house brick in anger and threw it at my childhood pal Steve. It bashed his head with force. The blood poured out as I rushed him back home to his mom. Steve’s face, shirt and trousers were substantially red smeared. The spattering of blood was so severe my dad thought someone had thrown a tin of red paint over him. From that day onwards, blood had a negative impact on my mind. I associated blood with injury, harm and ugly stains.

But this is not the case with the precious blood which poured from Christ as he was crucified on a cross. We are told that the blood of Jesus does not stain but it ‘cleanses us from all sin’.

We might illustrate this with a medical comparison. Blood supplies our body with oxygen and the white blood cells do an important job. They operate to destroy bacteria and form antibodies to neutralize poisons.  Your blood removes carbon dioxide from your body. Your blood removes rubbish which accumulates through protein breakdown. Your blood pumps the body’s waste into the lungs and through the kidneys where it’s then eliminated.

In this context blood has a washing and cleansing affect. Likewise, spiritually. The blood of Christ flowed at Calvary to cleanse our sin. The poison of our transgressions is eliminated at the cross.

This is what’s good about Good Friday. The blood of Jesus washes sin-stained-souls sparkling clean.

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