You can find something in the psalms in sympathy with your own spiritual condition (Psalms Blog 1)


Stomping into a smoke-filled room, I walked towards the far corner and beat a leather punch ball several times with my fists. It’s part of an anger management idea promoted by Eastfield Special School. The boxing ball is situated in the teacher’s staff room to help kids with challenging behaviour release their pent-up emotions and energy.  Ideal for my little meltdown.

‘Why don’t you do something more constructive’ said a teacher offering me a lighted cigarette (It was allowed).

‘Like what?’ I asked as I sat next to him on the sofa.

I’ll teach you how to play guitar’ he said handing me an ash tray.

‘I don’t have a guitar’

‘You can use mine’.


The next couple of weeks I learned to finger a few chords on a 12 string, acoustic. Fast forward 43 years. I have my own guitar. I ping a few chords presently.  Since converting to Christ I’ve used my guitar as a tool to express my reverence for God.

find out more about my conversion

A guitar is a stringed instrument and the idea that some Psalms in the Bible were specifically ‘accompanied with stringed instruments’ is something I can relate to and it helps me connect in worship.

I can identify with the ancient musicians who heartily plucked their stringed instruments praising the Lord. I too have played a stringed instrument in the context of public and private worship.

But this blog page is not about formal worship. It’s about a Christian outpouring his spirit to his Saviour Jesus Christ.

Every believer is able to find something in the psalms in sympathy with their own personal spiritual condition.

‘In the psalms we find a confident trust in God and a grateful attitude which is a characteristic note throughout. We read about the soul’s sense of guilt and sin in all its ugliness and destructiveness. Fast upon this comes the heart’s cry for pardon, cleansing and restoration, the hunger for new inner creation and renovation. Some few psalms introduce to us the student of the law who glories in his perfect revelation for the needs of life. Here too are reflective psalms where some individual grapples with the problem of suffering. At the climax of these psalms there is a given expression to some sense of a deep and rich fellowship with God. Occasionally there blaze forth passionate indignation against men and impatience with the seeming aloofness of God. These lower ground tones of the psalms however but serve to lift us into nobler clearness, the more predominate moods of aspiration, inextinguishable hope, the exalting life of forgiveness, restoration and triumph’.

Elmer A. Leslie

I don’t seriously think that I’ll finish this, 150 psalm, blog. There’ll be many hinderances to writing, distractions from study, long delays posting devotions, I’ll need additional time to revise blogs as writing is often a progressive revelation and a process of maturing thoughts. There’s work commitments, family commitments, and a whole bunch of commitments arriving that I don’t even know about.  I just don’t have the time to blog all 150 psalms and I’m 58 years old already.

But you never know. God’s grace enables people to accomplish all sorts of things. My goal however is not to finish the, 150 psalm, blog. My goal is to start it.

Job done.

Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts’ Colossians 3:16


Want me to blog about a particular psalm or any particular psalm verse? Send your request.


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