PRESENCE/ the Holy Spirit is not photogenic

The Holy Spirit doesn’t appear in a clear discernible form like Jesus did to his disciples. But the Spirit’s presence is easily noticed when He arrives inside a person’s heart.

If Jesus were here in His earthly ministry today the Paparazzi would scramble to take celebrity photographs. But we can’t do that with the Holy Sprit.  You can’t upload a picture of the Holy Spirit and post Him on your Facebook profile. Many Christians would do this for religious kudos. I wouldn’t hesitate to post a selfie of me and the Holy Spirit to my Instagram account.

Smartphone click, -me and the Holy Spirit relaxing on a beach.

iPad click, -me and the Holy Spirit working out down the gym.

Samsung click, -me and the Holy Spirit in a football stadium.

iPhone click -me and the Holy Spirit preaching in the pulpit.

Tablet click, -me and the Holy Spirit praying for the sick.

Best camera phone click, -me an the Holy Spirit eating together in a restaurant.

If Christians could photograph the Holy Spirit, we’d post Him on social media every day. But I’m certain if we fell out with the Holy Spirit we’d delete His photos as easy as we delete spam.

How would the disciples behave on social media?

Do you think Judas would still be friends with Jesus on Facebook after his treacherous behaviour? No way. Judas unfriended Jesus at the point of betrayal. Luke 21:37-22:6

What about Peter? He’d delete all his Instagram pictures with Christ and deny that he ever knew the Lord. Luke 22:54-62.

What about Thomas? He’d take to twitter and rant about the fake news of the resurrection. Of course Thomas would tweet an apology after viewing his resurrected Saviour’s scars. John 20:24-29.

There’s no doubt in my mind if the Holy Spirit was photogenic I’d photograph Him with my camera. I’d make Him my profile picture. I’m sure our pictures and videos of the Holy Spirit would go viral.

After all, we post photos of the Father and Son, the other two members of the Trinity.

Perhaps you’ve seen the uploaded religious images of Jesus in everyday objects. Captions saying ‘here’s the Lord’ see his picture in this piece of toast. Or look at the Lord’s face in the creases of a drying sock.

We have images of God the Father too, He’s sketched as a grandad figure. I’ve seen the pictures of our Heavenly Father with long grey hair melting into a lengthy white beard.

But we can’t do this with the Holy Spirit. It’s impossible to draw a picture of Him. We can’t photograph Him and say look ‘here He is’. The Holy Spirit is not photogenic.

Yes we use many symbols for the Holy Spirit, such as a dove, fire, oil, rain and dew, a seal, tongues of fire, water, wind. These are picturesque symbols. But they are not the Holy Spirit.

You may see circular white glows and religious light phenomena. But that’s what they are. Circular glows and religious lights. They’re tangible to the human eye but they’re not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is unseeable. The Holy Spirit is unpicturable. The Holy Spirit is imperceptible.

Yet ironically, the Holy Spirit is to be personally known. You can have an encounter with The Holy Spirit.  He can befriend you. He can comfort you. You may not see Him. But you can hear His voice,

Speaking Mathew 10:20

Uttering guidance Isaiah 30:21-John 16:13

Sounding warnings Hebrews 3:7-11.

You cannot see the Holy Spirit but you can hear His words and trust His speech. You can feel His presence. You can absolutely know Him.

He proceeds from God the Father, John 15:26

He testifies of Christ, John 15:26

He’s known by believers, John 14:17

He dwells with and in believers, John 14:17

He abides forever with believers, John 14:16

He imparts the love of God, Romans 5:3-5

He imparts hope Romans, 15:13 Galatians 5:5

He teaches believers, John 14:26

He edifies the church, Acts 9:31

However, the world cannot receive Him, John 14:17. Nevertheless,

He’s sent to every believer in the name of Christ, John 14:26

Be sure to receive the Holy Spirit today John 20:22, Acts 8:15, Acts 8:17, Acts 8:19 Acts 10:47

I was thinking how sinful I am and I asked the question, ‘am I worthy to receive this Holy Person?’

No! But Jesus said,

‘If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

Luke 11:13


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