African pearls

‘As their poets have said’ Acts 17:28

I de-boarded the plane and collected my baggage from the arrival’s hall at Kotoko Airport Ghana. We made our way out of the terminal onto the sand-dust- streets. The West African sun greeted us with warmth and splendour. I’ve never seen so many black faces standing in a crowd ready to provide their services for a small fee.

                                                                                                                                        Team Ghanaafrica

‘Please sir, can I carry your bags?’ said a slim barefooted Ghanaian boy.

‘AKWAABA, Welcome to Ghana, do you need a cab?’ asked a man showing me his taxi association badge.

‘Hey do you want a refreshing drink?’ said a girl carrying a water basin on her head.

‘Mr, do you want to buy some of these tasty bananas?’ asked a street fruit vender.

‘White man, do you want to purchase my beads?’ asked a Somalian trader.

Each black person I saw represented a native tribe. Ashanti, Gaun, Ewe, Ga-Adangbe these are the peoples of Ghana.

‘BROTHER KEVIN HOW ARE YOU?’ shouted my host Rev Paul Frimpong Manso.

He pressed through the busy terminal advancing like a warrior chief embracing me and greeting me and my team into his African world.

And what an amazing world on which I had stumbled. I discovered the taste of foofoo, and a long bumpy chaotic potholed road from Accra to Kumasi . I discovered Ashanti Kotoko football team, (Porcupine Warriors) and several wonderful schools with dedicated teachers and enthusiastic children. I was invited daily to speak on Spirit FM Christian radio. Also journeyed to Cape Coast Castle and witnessed the dreadful scenes of slavery exports. I preached to 3,000 people at a Bible graduation day. I discovered lots of villages, beautiful sceneries and towns who’s names I can’t recall. Last of all but not least I discovered verses of Akan proverbs in a book written by Peggy Appiah.

Proverbs contain the philosophy, humour, symbolism and religions of the peoples who use them. The Apostle Pual understood this principle. He borrowed a quote from  Grecian poets to enlighten his audeience.

'As their poets have said' Acts 17:28

The sentiment is universal and not restricted to Greeks or any particular race of poets. I therefore have created this page based on the Apostle Paul’s method to open up a goldmine of Akan proverbs to enrich your spirit.


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